Isabel Okoro (b. Lagos, Nigeria) is a visual artist currently based in Toronto, ON.

She is exploring the interactions between the motherland and the diaspora, and visualising an imagined world, Eternity, as a space to immortalize family, friends, and those she meets along the way.

She coined the term normatopia to describe a space which considers the tensions between a harsh reality and a utopia, and chooses to rest and thrive in the humanly achievable sweet spot that exists in the middle.

Isabel holds a in Neuroscience and Psychology (High Distinction) from the University of Toronto.

Alongside friends adé abegunde & Ayotunde Sule, Isabel co-founded the creative studio local•global.
She is currently the Creative Director.

Selected Publications
It’s Nice That, British Vogue, Bubblegum Club Magazine, WePresent by WeTransfer, i-D

Selected Clients
SSENSE, Apple, KOTN, Better World Fragrance House, The Face Magazine, Dazed, Essence, US Vogue

  • Friends in Eternity, Self-Published
    colour and feel studio, 2022

  • Solo - magic dreams - The Gallery at Mason Studio, Toronto ON
  • Group - BLACK_BOX - Trinity Square Video, Toronto ON
  • Group - Manifold - FF Projects, London UK
  • Duo - Is Love a Synonym for Abolition? - Gallery 44, Toronto ON
  • Group - We Buy Gold - Gallery TPW, Toronto ON

Residencies, Awards, and Honours

  • Art Gallery of Ontario - Department of Arts of Global Africa and the Diaspora
  • The Wedge Collection