Isabel Okoro

Isabel Okoro is a visual artist currently based in Toronto, ON.

She coined the term normatopia to characterize her visual universe, Eternity.

Friends in Eternity - Monograph
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In Friends in Eternity, visual artist Isabel Okoro explores an empathetic approach to world building in her normatopia, Eternity. Normatopia, a self-coined term, describes a space that considers the tensions between a harsh reality and a utopia, and chooses to rest and thrive in the humanly achievable sweet spot that exists in the middle.

Brace yourself with feelings before going any further. The framing and arrangement of photographs within this book, done by Isabel and designer Ayotunde Sule, is utterly evocative... You might catch yourself trying to steal a reflection from an iris or a glossy pair of lips. You might try to follow a trail of light... The brief innocence in the eyes of the guilty. The embrace of a lover in serenity...Liquid waves caught between blooming and withering. The half-light. The sun setting behind two unidentifiable men, their bodies becoming stencils of painterly slants. Have you eaten today?
- Chukwudubem Ukaigwe

Self-Published by colour and feel studio
Hardcover (w/ Dust-Jacket), Smyth-sewn, 144 pages, 8 x 10 in
With textual contributions from Chukwudubem Ukaigwe and Bunmi Agusto
Designed by Ayotunde Sule, Production by adé abegunde, Post-Production by Sheriff Projects

First Edition of 200
ISBN 978-1-7780411-0-5
February 2022
Supported by Getty Images

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